havea heart

For 15 years 98.1 WKDD has been putting on a Radiothon for the Akron Children’s Hospital. They allow patients and families to share their stories with Ohio and give listeners the chance to make donations. All of the proceeds go to the Akron Children’s Hospital for care, research and more. To increase the support, WKDD started the Change Bandits, where schools, companies and organizations could “hold up” their students, employees and co-workers to collect donations for the “Have a Heart, Do Your Part” fundraiser! Kids Country has joined WKDD in supporting the Children and Families of the Akron Children’s Hospital and have become Change Bandits. Each of Kids Country’s five centers is doing their own fundraiser to raise money and to support Akron Children’s Hospital! Kids Country has a heart and is doing its part…are you?!

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