Hi! We are Greg and Joanna Miller and this is our story about our adoption of our daughter Claire.

Claire is our only daughter, and second born of our three children. Our Oldest son’s name is Carter, and the youngest is Clay. Each of our children have their own little miracle story, but we will share Claire’s story because her adoption was made possible through KC Kids Connection.

Carter, our son, was about two years old when we felt like God really wanted us to pursue another adoption. We decided that we would choose another international country, El Salador. After a year and a half in that program and a lot of money lost, the door closed on that journer. Why? We will never know. We just had to trust that somewhere out there, there was a perfect little person that belonged in our family. It was devatating to us at the time. We then pursued another adoption through Nicaragua. Through this adoption process we decided that we would apply for two children. We got all of our paperwork done and even traveled to Nicaragua, only to realize that most likeely this adoption process was probably going to fail as well. Why again? At that time we were so shocked and completely overwhelmed as to why this was becoming so difficult! Children needed homes and we were willing to give them a home, and yet, we couln’t seem to get anywhere in our process. Time started to move on and we started to do more research on what options were left to try. As we researched more about domestic adoption at this time our hearts began to change a bit and the one adoption avenue we always said we were not willing to do because it was “too risky” seemed like a perfectly good idea. You see, we had a much distorted view of what domestic adoption was. We thought that too many things could go wrong, and we didn’t want to change it because of all the what ifs. Well, we firmly believe that these two failed adoptions internationally fell apart for a reason. That reason was that God had already chosen a daughter for us, and it would be through domestic adoption.

Fall of 2009, we ran a concurrent adoption domestically while waiting on our Nicaraguan adoption to go through. That means, that we were in the process of adopting in two different programs. We still had paper work in Nicaragua that was active while we were updating paper work for our domestic adoption. We thought what do we have to lose? Nothing was working out anyway, we may as well try! We wanted more children and we were willing to adopt so why was this getting to be so hard?

Turns out this adoption was the easiest one of the four! Most of our paperwork was up-to-date enough that we just had to make small changes. In a very short amount of time our paperwork was done and submitted for a private infant adoption. An adoption program where the birth mother chooses a family for the child she is placing for adoption. We went into this adoption open to any race, gender or physical condition. We were completely convinced that God would place us with the perfect child for our home. We were absolutely blown away when we received a phone call just a short while after paperwork was submitted that said a birth mother had chosen us as the family for her daughter. She was due within 6 weeks of finding out we would be the adoptive family. We were so completely excited and scared all at once. With this adoption we would be able to go to the doctor’s visit, be in the delivery room, cut the umbilical cord and stay in the hospital as though Joanna was the one to have had the baby.

May 10, 2010 we welcomed into our home a beautiful baby girl, Claire. Claire was such a sweet addition to our family. We were so ecstatic. Her story all makes sense now, it was just really hard to see the whole picture while we were waiting. This adoption was costly but with thanks to KC Kids Connection a huge part of our expense was covered. There will never be enough words to express our gratitude for all those that work behind the scenes or give money to this organization so that people like us can have our dreams come true. We are so blessed.