In order to apply our Learning Philosophy to every child, we employ two curricula in all of our classrooms:

Knowledge Core:  The Knowledge Core curriculum, developed especially for Kids Country, is a traditional curriculum focusing on all curricular areas:  Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Practical Life Skills, Art, Music, Sign Language and Dramatic Play.  This curriculum has proven itself to be an outstanding base for our students, as evidenced by our kindergarten standardized test scores.

Zoo-phonics:  “The Zoo-phonics Multisensory Language Arts Program is a kinesthetic, multi-modal approach to learning all aspects of language arts. (Zoo-Phonics)” Introduced in the Toddler classrooms, Zoo-phonics identifies an animal with each letter of the alphabet and teaches a kinesthetic movement and  the letter sound to even the youngest of learners.  As the children progress through the classrooms, further skills-writing, letter groupings, and phonetics-lead our PreKindergartners to sound out words and read.

Using the Project Based Learning Approach, our students will be leading the learning in the classroom as we explore a year-long theme.  The teachers facilitate the children’s learning as they follow the interests of the children.