Child Enrollment and Health Information:  Fill out this form completely, including two Emergency Contacts.

Child Pickup Information:  Provide us with the pertinent information about anyone who is permitted to pick up your child and share with us on which type(s) of social media we can share your child’s photograph.

Request for Administration of Medication:   If your child will need any type of medication while at Kids Country, including any type of diaper cream or sunscreen, sign the Medication form.  If your child will need any other types of medication, such as pain reliever, asthma medication, etc. have your physician complete and sign the Medication form.  These forms must be on file before any medication can be dispensed.

Child Medical Form:  This form must be completed and signed by your physician within the first 30 days of enrollment.

Kids Country Parent Contract:  You will complete and sign the contract with the Center Director upon enrollment.

Please print out and return the forms below to your center director.

Enrollment Application Enrollment Form Registration Form County Provider ContractPolicy Agreement  Financial Agreement New Child Medical Form