The Ohio’s Children’s Outdoor Bill or Rights was developed to encourage children and adults of Ohio to have a healthy, active lifestyle by spending more time outdoors.

“Exploring the wonders of our natural world will help children learn to appreciate and care for Ohio’s abundant natural resources.”(OCOBR)

                                                                                                                                   The Bill states…

                                                                                    – Be physically active and play outside every day to grow up healthy

                                                                                    – Have access to safe, natural green spaces in their community

                                                                                    – Connect with nature, with free time to explore the outdoors

                                                                                    – Discover the wonders of plants and animals, large and small, using all five senses

                                                                                    – Explore the diversity of Ohio’s natural habitats

                                                                                    – Understand the patterns and cycles in nature

                                                                                    – Experience the joys of splashing, playing and swimming in safe, clean lakes and streams

                                                                                    – Be fully immersed in nature by camping overnight, free of the distractions of electronics

                                                                                    – Learn how to give back to nature