What is your method of  security?  We have a coded lock on the door which allows parents who are enrolled in the center access at any time.  We will change this code every few months.  A video monitoring system in each classroom is monitored through the office.

How do I know how my child’s day was?  We believe in lots of communication!  In each of the younger classrooms, “daily reflections” are posted in the classroom each day to let you see an overview of each day. Please feel free to call anytime to speak with the classroom teachers to check on your child.

How will I know what my child is eating every day?  Our cook prepares nutritious breakfast, lunch and two snacks each day.  We also offer a sandwich choice if a child is not interested in the main course. Fresh fruit is available at anytime, everyday for the children. A copy of the menu is offered in each center as well as on  In the younger classrooms, we will let you know what your child ate for each meal on the daily sheet.

My child is very active! Will there be time to move around and get outside?  Yes!  We have active play at least twice a day!  Our outdoor areas are also set up as learning environments so exploration is a natural inclination for children.  We have lots of climbing, sliding and biking equipment along with sand and water play and balls for games.  The children get outside as much as possible to stretch their bodies, minds and voices. At Kids Country we feel strongly that children need to get outside and run everyday! Make sure to bring in weather gear for your child because we will go outside EVERYDAY! (Unless there is thunder and lightening). Wind – Rain – Snow – Cold – Hot…Kids Country lets the children explore all aspects of nature!

Will my child be prepared for kindergarten? Absolutely!  Many parents come back to thank us after their child is in school because their child is so well prepared!  We encourage you to spend some time in our Kids Country Private Kindergarten classroom to see just how prepared our PreK students are.

What makes Kids Country kindergarten different?  Kids Country State-Chartered Kindergarten has been especially designed to meet the needs of all types of learners!  We have utilized the Beginning to Read, Write and Listen curriculum to teach hundreds of children to read.  Combine that with the Zoo-phonics curriculum and StarFall Reading Curriculum and you have the most comprehensive language lesson plans in the area.  We are equally dedicated to teaching our students math, science, citizenship, practical life skills…all of the areas critical for kindergartners to master.

I want my child to learn…  Then you have found the best place for them! Kids Country offers a “Blended” curriculum because all children learn differently! Whether your child is a auditory, visual, tactile or a mixture of the three, Kids Country ensures to find the best and most effective way to educate and encourage your child. ZooPhonics, Montessori, Sign Language, and Project Approach are examples of some of the curricula we use.