How has KC Kids Connections made a difference in the world?

2004 The Vision of Hope House – Guatemala: Through the generous support of our Kids Country families, we filled up two ship containers to completely outfit a house for orphans in Guatemala including cribs, beds, bedding, toys, educational activities, clothing, kitchenware and so much more! KC Kids Connections also provided funding to keep the house properly staffed to care for the residents of the home.

2006 Prosthetic Leg for Nadia: In 2004, Nadia, a 15-year-old native of Russia, had a tragic accident in which her lower leg was amputated. KC Kids Connections got involved and provided the funding for a prosthetic leg for Nadia and helped fund the surgery, enabling her to live a normal life.

2008 Haven of Rest Ministries Holiday Dinners: During the holiday season, KC Kids Connections provided money and manpower to the Haven of Rest to provide over 500 meals for the homeless in Akron.

2009-2010 Harvest Home Teen Room & Preschool Room- Haven of Rest Ministries: Decorating and providing entertainment, education, and safety to the homeless children of Akron became a focal point as our Directors combined funding from KC Kids Connections and their own ingenuity and created wonderful, relaxing rooms for children and teens to enjoy fellowship and friendship in a safe environment, free from the stress of their lives.