Thank you to all the teachers, parents and of course kids for making International Mud Day a HUGE SUCCESS!



From mud pits to muddy slip n slides, to earthworm habitats to edible dirt & worms, yesterday truly was a day full of mud. Each center had 10 tons of dirt delivered to their playgrounds to ensure they had enough muddy fun for the whole day. They then separated the mud into different stations. Sensory tables were filled with plastic toys for kids to dig up, kiddie pools were made into mud pools, slides were transformed into muddy water slides, paint was replaced with watered down mud to splatter on the art easels and some mud was left on the ground and the kids took it from there!


There were mud facials, “muddy” henna tattoos and muddy nail painting to cater to those in need of a spa day!



We had art stations where pigs were painted, princess mud pies were baked and bracelets could be made.


Water was spraying from every angle, even the sky, and it made for a truly messy, muddy, super fun day!


We owe a huge thank you to our Center Directs and Assistant Directors for setting up and creating this glorious day. We also owe a huge thank you to our staff for embracing the messtivities and getting muddy with the children. We owe a great thanks to our parents for supporting our mission of getting the kids outdoors and also for participating in Mud Day. Our biggest thanks goes to our Kids Country Kids for inspiring an amazing day filled mud and for making Kids Country such a special place!11026305_780511975399913_1071389983114023509_n

All in all, International Mud Day 2015 was an absolute blast! We cannot wait until next year!