Pre2 Counting coins (1)

The change has been counted and the final earnings are in! Kids Country Stow has earned $1686.68 for Akron Children’s Hospital! Stow’s Kindergarten Class went together today, February 13, to deliver their earnings at the WKDD Radiothon!

The families of Stow did a wonderful job of supporting the cause and went above and beyond with their donations, as well as, their help in each benefit.

Congratulations to the Pre-Kindergarten room for collecting the most change in the Change Bandits Competition! They collected $137.64 in change!

A big thanks goes out to all the staff, parents and students who participated in the “Have a Heart, do your Part” Fundraiser. You gave hope to many families and children of Akron Children’s Hospital!

Delivering to the Radiothon (18)Delivering to the Radiothon (12)Delivering to the Radiothon (10)