Sign Language:  Beginning in our Infant classrooms, Sign Language is taught throughout our every day interactions.  For the Infants, Babies and Toddlers, the benefits of Sign language are threefold: Practical:  Infants are less fussy when they are able to communicate their needs to caregivers.  Emotional:  Younger babies and toddlers form stronger bonds with parents and teachers when they can communicate their needs and feel that their needs are understood.  Cognitive:  Sign language boosts brain development in infants and carries over into years of education.   (

As your child progresses through all the classrooms at Kids Country,Basic American Sign Language (ASL) is taught and utilized in the classroom.  Other than the benefits of learning a second language at a young age, it also teaches cultural acceptance of other people who have a disability.  Additionally, young children love movement and action and will learn letters and words more quickly if a sign is associated with it.  It also fosters communication between the children and their teachers.  (