Summer  Feels

Mmm…summer is here!  There’s a different feeling to summer…more relaxed, not in such a rush, not avoiding snow piles and snow plows and snowballs.  Days are longer, the sky stays light later, the evenings are filled with firefly hunts, fires in the fire pit, marshmallows changing to gold over the fire, baths postponed to morning so we can squeeze a few more minutes out of our time together.  Hair is pulled back into ponytails, shorts and a tee shirt is the uniform of the day, shoes make their flip-flopping sound as we walk across the green, lush grass.  Dinners are lighter and easier…watermelon juice running down little chins, grilled meats and veggies filling up tummies quickly as we get ready to run some more, bike some more, skip some more.  Driveways and sidewalks filled with chalk drawings, jump ropes dusted off, balls filled with air, kites readied for flying,  hoses pulled out to sprinkle little toes and little noses.  Friendships forged over shared popsicles. The summer smells of sunscreen, mowed grass, a coming rain shower.  The summer feeling of a cooling breeze, the sounds of children’s playful voices and laughter…yep, it’s summer!  ENJOY!