The Bear Fair

For the 2014-2015 school-year, each Kids Country Private Kindergarten took on the Bear Project. At the start of the year each kindergarten teacher was given different types of stuffed animal bears to hand out to their students. The students were then grouped according to their type of bear. For the rest of the year a time was set aside each day for the students to research their bear and record their findings. They visited the zoo multiple times, used library books, the internet, live feeds, Youtube videos and more to gather their information. Each child was given a bear binder to keep all of their research neat and organized.

The Kindergarteners also brought bear world to Kids Country by making life-size habitats, doing height charts to compare the size of a bear to a human, painted murals and even did an experiment that showed how a polar bear paw feels in ice water compared to a human’s hand in ice water.

Last night, the Kindergarteners became the teachers and  showed their new-found knowledge during the Bear Fair. Each group made a huge display revealing their research with pictures and facts. The students wore badges that stated their name and what bear they researched so that visitors knew who the bear experts were! There were bear treats, bear games and bear facts filling the halls of each center!

Way to go Kids Country Kindergarten for making Bear Fair a complete hit!